Thursday, 23 June 2011

Vancouver, BC

Vancouver is another city I didn't expect to go to and in which I only spent a day and a night. But it's really, really nice and definitely somewhere I'd like to spend more time. I can't put my finger on why, but it just seemed relaxed, diverse, cool, cultured and fun. It's also very beautiful, as it sits right by the water and is spacious yet bustling and exciting. Unfortunately I don't have many pictures but here's a nice one...


And no, I didn't splash out for the following, but I thought it would make a cool photo anyway:


After walking around a bit (unfortunately in the rain), we ate at a great Japanese restaurant in nearby Kitsilano, which is a cute little suburb. The food was AMAZING and possibly some of the best I'd had so far on my trip.

I also noticed a fun trend in North America; outside churches, shops and garages they have messages seemingly created by the owners/people in charge. Some are really nice plays on words, others are puns, others are just sweet. And while I have never been to church on a regular basis, I thought this one was really nice:


After Vancouver I had to catch a plane back to LA from Seattle. I'd found out that the sci-fi museum there had a Battlestar Galactica exhibition - and was gutted to discover there was neither the time or enthusiasm from anyone else to go... DAMN IT!!! THERE WERE REAL VIPERS THERE AND EVERYTHING!!!

Then it was bye-bye Canada *sad face*




  1. There's a church near me on Parrs Wood that does the same thing. Most recent - "God is perfect. Only man makes misteaks." Nearly took a picture too. x

  2. I really like them. Another (of which I failed to take a photo) said: "One day it will rain. Who is your umbrella?" They're not always overly religious, just lovely. x