Monday, 13 June 2011


My next stop after Miami was LA, where I'd been before and was happy to revisit. My decidedly rubbish (and late) US Airways (advice: never fly with them) flight went via Charlotte, North Carolina, giving me approximately ten minutes to make my connection. I may be small, but I can sure run fast. I liken the dash to the end of Ferris Bueller's Day Off, minus the stopping-to-introduce-myself-to-a-hot-girl part. Oh, I saw a real life cowboy too. Well I assume he was a cowboy because of his clothes, he wasn't like, riding a bull in the terminal or anything.

I'm digressing. I reached LA, took it easy for a couple of days, met an old friend to hang out, ate at a great place in West Hollywood called Toast, then watch the basketball on TV. I know nothing apart from basketball except for the fact I now inexplicably support Miami Heat, even though they're apparently all dickheads and have a player called Chris Bosh who may or may not look like a lizard.

I'm digressing again. By this point I'd decided to see a friend in Seattle, so I spent my third and final whole day in LA on a little walking trip with some people from my hostel. We went up into the hills to see the Hollywood sign, which you can't really get that close to, but it's interesting all the same. It was originally erected as "Hollywoodland", as an advertisement for a housing development, but then stayed up despite looking completely wrecked. So, various celebs gave money to help it get back to full health. For instance, Alice Cooper donated for an "O" and Hugh Hefner helped to auction off the rest. Today, if you try to go too near it, a very scary man in a Jeep on the top of the hill tells you to get down. I only know this because I saw two girls try to hike up to it. I was fully expecting them to get snipered, but a stern telling off seemed to do the job.



From the hill you can see the delightful smog hanging over LA like a literal and figurative black cloud...




  1. Awesome, you're back! I was starting to worry you were having too much fun.

    Now where are the gun stories?

  2. They'll be up soon! x