Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The mile-o-meter

Before I crack on with actually writing something meaningful (as if), I thought it would be neat to calculate how far I've travelled so far in miles. Tomorrow (June 14th) I will have been gone five weeks, so let's see how I've done, if anyone's remotely bothered (feel free to skip this entry):

Manchester to London: 200 (all figures are approximate - well, according to Google Maps)
London to New York: 3,400
New York to Baltimore: 185
Baltimore to Miami: 1,200
Miami to Charlotte: 750
Charlotte to Los Angeles: 2,450
Los Angeles to Seattle: 1,140
Seattle to Summerland, Canada: 330
Summerland to Whistler: 300
Whistler to Vancouver: 80
Vancouver to Seattle: 155
Seattle to Los Angeles: 1,140
Los Angeles to San Diego: 120
San Diego to Las Vegas: 320
Las Vegas to Los Angeles: 270
Los Angeles to Santa Barbara: 100
Santa Barbara to San Francisco: 325

Total: 12,465 miles




  1. That's pretty much exactly half the circumference of the earth. Cool.

    Also, re an earlier post: Heat suck.

  2. Bur Chris Bosh DOES look like a lizard, yes? x