Sunday, 17 April 2011

UK "travelling": Jodrell Bank

Good evening gentle viewers.

Today I bring you pictures and a little bit of info about Jodrell Bank, home to the glorious Lovell Radio Telescope and some of the finest sights Cheshire has to offer.

The main reason I've done this is to test out putting piccies on the blog etc etc. And because it was a lovely day I want to remember. I'm also really pleased with how these pictures turned out. It's hard to take a bad one though; the telescope is just incredible.

Jodrell Bank is in Macclesfield, which on a sunny day like today is just a treat. I actually saw a real BUNNY run across a country lane and we finished up at a gorgeous little pub called The Dog Inn, in Over Peover, which according to Mumsy you don't say "OVAH PEE-OVAH" but "OVAH PEEEEEVAH". Whatever. Mumsy will explain if you ask her.

It's awesome and I thoroughly recommend it. Fi and Woody came too and we had a drink, some crisps and petted a big furry dog in the beer garden.

Anyway, back to Jodrell Bank. We learned quite a lot about it and went to the visitor centre where there is something called an orrery - basically a mechanical model of the solar system. There is tons of info and amazing images of the planets and their moons (Titan, a moon of Saturn, is my favourite).

You can get quite close to the telescope, which is ENORMOUS and really quite awe-inspiring. When we went into the visitor centre, it was facing away from us - but when we came out it had been turned around to face us (reminding me and Fi of the dish in GoldenEye).

Mumsy claimed it hadn't moved and we'd exited a different building. For a nanosecond I considered whether the building was actually a space wormhole or some kind of time travel machine, but then realised it wasn't and had to correct Mumsy. The dish had been moved.


PS. Please tell me what you would like to hear about on this blog. Feel free to comment at the bottom!

Saturday, 16 April 2011


My second post... let's see who's reading.

Preparation is going okay, I got myself a YHA card, loads of toiletries and bits and bobs courtesy of Mumsy's M&S discount card and asked at Boots about malaria tablets, the response to which was a big fat "computer says no". Apparently because I'm going to so many different places in south-east Asia I can only get them on prescription. Awesome.

Side note: I'm watching Britain's Got Talent as I write this. What utter drivel. It's making me sick up a bit in my mouth.

So, ANYWAY. There is not much else to do really apart from buy one of those cage-wire things for my rucksack, get a sim card for my old phone, book my first night's hostel... actually come to think of it that's quite a few things. Best get cracking!

Side note #2: This blog will be following the Adfero style guide (although editorialising is permitted and I will be spelling MIAOW the proper way, i.e. not MEOW, guilty parties you know who you are), because the place is in my DNA by this point. If anyone spots a typo or error, erm... speak to my agent. And while we're on the topic, no that's not a typo in the URL of the blog! It's Google assigning me an alternate to the proper spelling because basically I'm not that creative and someone clearly already has a blog called the same thing...