Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Once upon a time...

There was me, and all of a sudden I was just over a month away from going round the world, alone. In equal measures, people have told me I'm brave, stupid, as well as lucky, and I think I'm probably a bit of all three. But if you want to join the ride, this is the place to find me...

I'm getting ready bit by bit to go - I've found dealing with things one at a time is the only way to stop myself going insane. First I sorted my visas, I'm midway through my jabs, and I've done sort of enough research on each place I'm visiting. Writing a blog about it feels extremely big-headed and narcissistic, but I thought it would be a good way to keep my friends and family up to date with various facts, e.g. a) I'm still alive and b) I'm missing you all terribly.

So there, the awkward introduction is over. For those I've bored to death already - sorry, and thanks for reading!