Saturday, 16 April 2011


My second post... let's see who's reading.

Preparation is going okay, I got myself a YHA card, loads of toiletries and bits and bobs courtesy of Mumsy's M&S discount card and asked at Boots about malaria tablets, the response to which was a big fat "computer says no". Apparently because I'm going to so many different places in south-east Asia I can only get them on prescription. Awesome.

Side note: I'm watching Britain's Got Talent as I write this. What utter drivel. It's making me sick up a bit in my mouth.

So, ANYWAY. There is not much else to do really apart from buy one of those cage-wire things for my rucksack, get a sim card for my old phone, book my first night's hostel... actually come to think of it that's quite a few things. Best get cracking!

Side note #2: This blog will be following the Adfero style guide (although editorialising is permitted and I will be spelling MIAOW the proper way, i.e. not MEOW, guilty parties you know who you are), because the place is in my DNA by this point. If anyone spots a typo or error, erm... speak to my agent. And while we're on the topic, no that's not a typo in the URL of the blog! It's Google assigning me an alternate to the proper spelling because basically I'm not that creative and someone clearly already has a blog called the same thing...



  1. Since you asked who was reading, I'm here! And I've saved your URL with the qualified typo in my favourites.

    Have an AMAZING trip, I know you will!

    Love, Shelley x

  2. It's one thing making the argument in theory, but once you've actually seen "miaow" written down, surely you realise how ridiculous it looks, no?

  3. It's totes MIAOW and we all know it.

    - Adferret