Friday, 17 June 2011

Seattle > Cascade Mountains > Canada

So it turns out that driving huge distances is really not a big deal to Canadians. At home, driving anywhere past the Trafford Centre is debated for its necessity - after all, why bother, when instead you can just sit in and watch a marathon of Teen Mom on MTV? Hypothetically speaking, of course. I would never do that (although while we're on the subject, Mum can you make sure the new series is Sky-Plussing for me?) Anyway, we drove (when I say we, I mean someone else drove and I took charge of the music) from Seattle, Washington, all the way up to British Columbia, via the Cascade Mountains and a pretty odd little town called Twisp where I ate a burger made from buffalo and drank really strong home-brewed cider. I think this is the route:

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And below is how retro the town looks. To give you a bit of context, the town's population was only 928 at the last census.


The oddest thing about the drive through Washington was the rapid change in scenery. One minute it was ten feet of snow and the next it was completely dry. Regardless, it was beautiful; lakes, waterfalls and lush greenery were a complete change from anywhere else I'd visited on my trip thus far, plus it was all very Twin Peaks.

Literally 20 minutes before these photos it was clear, dry weather. It went from this:


To this:


This snow was piled so high it was taller than me. Most things are taller than me, but never usually snow.



The drive took about nine hours, punctuated by various stops and a Canadian border crossing at which they really don't take any funny business, you have to declare whether you are carrying any apples, all of a sudden everything's in French and Celine Dion is on the $10 note*.

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*Total lie


  1. Ah this trip sounds absolutely outstanding Izzy! I'd love to do some kind of road trip in the US, it's definitely on the list!!

    Hope you're having an absolute blast. I've got your blog in my Google Reader (still a Google geek) and I'm loving your updates.

    PS. I'd never stay in and watch marathons of Teen Mom either, or London Ink (which I think is new and I've not watched it for hours, honest).


  2. Ah thanks Shelley! It sure is fun. You should do it. And I may or may not have watched Miami Ink all day too.


  3. Damn right it's a lie!!! Everybody knows it's Benton Fraser.