Wednesday, 4 May 2011

A polite inquiry

How many pairs of pyjamas should I take?
Do I really need nail polish?
How will I stop feeling homesick?
What if I get malaria?
What if I run out of money?
Why do I need five travel guides?
What if my luggage goes missing?
How do I put suntan lotion on my back if I'm alone?
Who should I trust?
What if I miss a flight?
What if I can't get a job when I come home?
Have I done the right thing?
Will I miss work?
What if something happens to a loved one while I'm gone?
What if I forget something "crucial"?
What if something happens to me?
What time can I check in?
Will my phone work?
How do connecting flights work?
Can I take the dog with me?


  1. All this stuff will be irrelevant because it is going to be amazing.

  2. No need for nail polish. If you forget something crucial you'll buy it there. Don't take pjs, take sweats that you can wear in public if needs be.

  3. One and a half pairs of pyjamas.
    You can ease the money thing by doing nice volunteer work in exchange for food and a bed.
    All the rest sounds like excitement!

  4. Arrive early for all your journeys and ask for your luggage to be transferred on connecting flights so you don't have to baggage carousel in between.
    Keep some clean pants and swimming costume in your hand luggage if you're worried about it going missing and only worry about the other stuff if it actually happens.
    As for nail polish, I'd say yes. Painted toenails on the beach are lovely :)