Saturday, 14 May 2011

Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore is generally not a city tourists pass through. People know about it, mostly because of The Wire (and if you like the Food Network like me, you'll know it from Ace of Cakes).

It's a shame, because it's really, really nice. Yes, there is a horrid part, just like any major city. And, some statistics show it has a much higher rate of violent crime than average.

However, my friend lives there and I couldn't come to the US for six weeks without making time to stop by! She lives in Greektown, but we started the day at the Cross Street Market. Fact fans, I'm pretty sure this is the same market as in The Wire, when McNulty gets his kids to play front and follow, and they get Stringer Bell's number plate. I'm not 100% sure, but I like to think that's true.

Anyhoo, Baltimore (just like certain parts of Maryland) is known for amazing seafood. So we had crab cakes, Old Bay shrimp (Old Bay is a seasoning and it is beyond delicious) and - while not really seafood - these chicken wings called BRUCE LEE WINGS. Highly recommended! They're all sticky and sweet but teriyaki-esque too. My mouth is watering!

In the evening we went to a place called Fell's Point, which sits next to the famous harbour and is right across from the iconic Domino's Sugar sign.

We ate at John Steven and sat outside with my friend's dog! I had the Cream of Crab soup, pictured below:


We also shared the crab nachos, get ready to drool:


I then had a shrimp cobb salad (no pic, I wolfed it too fast) and some sauvignon blanc. YUM!!!

Oh, across the road there was the building in which they filmed Homicide: Life on the Street (great show by the way).


A few more pics of Fell's Point and one of Penn Station below... apologies again for my rubbish skills. I'm trying to improve!


I wish I could have taken more, but I was busy catching up with great company.

I'll leave you with my favourite clip from The Wire.


PS. I didn't encounter any crazies but there was one guy who told me to "watch out for the tiger, he's gonna get ya" as I crossed the street. Ironically, he was walking a little tea cup chihuahua as he said this.

PPS. Never get the Light Rail to Baltimore-Washington Airport. It may only cost $1.60 but it scared the shit out of me.


  1. Hey, I'm on about episode six of the first season of The Wire - does your clip contain spoilers? I hate spoilers.

    PS - I'm pretty sure someone warning you the tiger is gonna get ya constitutes a crazy.

  2. It's not a spoiler, don't worry!

  3. Loving the food porn. Keep it up.

    PS - Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeit!

  4. I watched that one today! Awesome.

  5. Did you not visit them pro-jects?