Tuesday, 24 May 2011

The Everglades

Another day, we took a trip to the Everglades, which I didn't know masses about other than from a uni project my sister did on it about a zillion years ago. Tour companies offer these trips literally on every street corner so we found one for about $40 and set off on a bumpy ride. Forty minutes later, we arrived and hopped on an airboat. I cannot describe how hot it was. Whether it was sitting on a metal seat or just being away from any kind of breeze, I felt like I was about to melt. Anyway, this airboat just drifts down the water and you can spot various alligators and birds… it was fine and quite interesting, but to be honest most alligators look the same so once you've seen one it's a bit of an anti-climax. There was one part where a mummy alligator was sat with its babies, these tiny six-inch gators that look harmless but reminded me of the bit in Jurassic Park where the raptor things hatch out of the eggs and look friendly but really aren't. (Sidenote - I know dinosaurs aren't real and alligators aren't dinosaurs, but whatever.)

Anyway the mum alligator was just sat there, with her eyes and nose poking out of the murky water – and she looks pretty fierce. Maybe she's a single mum or a feminist, I'm not sure. Maybe her husband is out working all day. I don't know much about alligator politics or the social system. But I didn't want to cross her. The guide said the alligators are pretty used to the sound of the airboats now, so they are fine sitting near to them. But don't piss them off.

After that the airboat driver takes a little tour and it's all fine and mildly interesting, but inside I'm thinking yeah I just want to go and lie on the beach. Shallow? A little.

So we get off the boat and go to this tiny alligator theatre-type thing (now I'm imagining alligators doing stand-up comedy or some kind of one-gator show, but that's not what this was) and an "expert" brings round a medium-size alligator for everyone to see… blah blah blah oh it looks scary but really it's kind of sad as it has its mouth taped shut and there's something about that I just don't like. How unlucky have you got to be if you're an alligator picked for one of these shows. Your mates are chilling in the water and you have to entertain the proles. Gutted. The guide tells us a bit about the animals and then gets in the "ring" with a huge one (certain friends at this point will be thinking "that's what she said" but that's just IMMATURE AND YOU KNOW IT) and does this thing where he puts his hand in its mouth, then teases it to bite and oh the suspense and is it going to bite his hand off who knows nah I'm sure he's done this all before and oh look it chomps down and his hand is still intact and everyone claps then he asks for tips. Show's over. Also because I am only Smurf-size I can't really see all the action but I can tell from the whooping and gasping what is going on.

After that we get an ice lolly because we're basically dying from the heat. A few peacocks walk past and they are gorgeous, so I took a few photos. This little girl walks past and starts teasing the peacocks in the hope they'll fan their feathers, but instead they just fly away.

Sit back and enjoy the pictures below...



  1. I am excited that you went on an air-boat thing like in that TV show where they go about on those air-boat things doing mildly perilous activities.

  2. love how you're keeping it real x