Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Brisbane, Queensland


Hands down the most boring city I've ever visited. No culture, no identity, nothing. A river, some buildings, some shops, some lights, a good library, that's it. Sorry if I've offended anyone who lives there (? - pretty sure this blog's readership isn't that wide).

So dull I fell asleep for three hours in the hostel lounge. In the middle of the afternoon.




  1. Is that Brisbanes fault or did have anything potato based for lunch?


  2. Nothing potato-y that day Dave. I did have mash in Surfers Paradise though.

  3. Aw Izzy, I'm so gutted to hear about your experience of Australia!

    I loved Brisbane, did you explore the Valley? It's much nicer than the centre, lots of nice cafes, markets etc. I hope you did or I'm just teasing you with information that could have improved this part of the trip!

    I totally agree about Sydney though, I wasn't keen on it at all. I did however love Manly and the ferry crossing between is hands down the best way to see the sights.

    I hope the next stops on your journey are better for you! Can't wait to read about them. x

  4. Ah cheers Shelley! Australia got much better but it was just for a short while I was really bored! x

  5. Ah, just saw this, what a shame you didn't like Brissy! Shelley's right, Fortitude Valley is the best bit of the city, with lovely outdoor markets/cafes etc! The centre's really corporate and bland.

    You'll just have to come back so we can explore all the good bits!