Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Oakland, California

My last stop in North America before heading back to LA for a flight to Sydney was Oakland, where one of my friends lives with her husband and extremely cute baby. Getting there from San Francisco was easy; I simply hopped on the BART train that goes across the bay and, voila, I arrived 20 minutes later!

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Oakland is full of great things to do and, more importantly, awesome food. We stopped for pizza on the Friday night, followed by lunch made from ingredients bought at a brilliant farmers' market, then - wait for it - a full roast dinner on Saturday night! It was the last homemade meal I'd have in a while and it was SO UNBELIEVABLY GOOD.

First up though was cocktail hour while watching a hilarious TV show called Party Down (thanks to Sarah for getting me into this!)


Then roast chicken, asparagus, rainbow chard, Yorkshire puddings and mash potato, before red velvet cupcakes! Heaven!




The next morning we ate brunch at Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe - I had pancakes, fruit and syrup, and it was DELICIOUS.


So, Oakland is great - really relaxing and funky and fun - but more importantly, I was so happy to spend a weekend with much-missed friends who made me feel completely at home! Thanks Sarah, Will and Jack!



  1. JEALOUS. So ridiculously jealous.

  2. Aw! We had so much fun with you, Izzy. I will always think of you when we scarf yummy brunch at Rudy's...

  3. I want to go to Rudy's can't fail cafe, judging by it's mugs & food it looks awesome! Jelly!